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"I figured you might say something like that, which is why I took the liberty of remembering my journey last night. I've labeled spots that made good rest points for the night, and a path I deemed the most efficient for our group."

Karela raised her eyebrows as she saw the map. It was quite detailed. She looked over at Takeda and grinned at him. "Good work Takeda. This will most likely come in handy."

She looked over at Kaneda.

"The briefing said an accompanying Jonin will be with us on the mission, in addition to other members."

"The Hokage hasn't decided on who will be joining us but he did say he was working on a team. I know Akagi and some of his men may join us while the others remain at the village."

Hyuga Compound

"- and in addition the Hokage has asked that one of our more experienced family members join a team that is going to be sent out on a dangerous mission. Apparently a samurai village was attacked a few days ago and was completley destroyed. I recomend that we send Dren. He has just returned to the village and he does have quite a bit of experience."

Hyuga Neji, the current leader of the Hyuga clan nodded in agreement. "I will notify Dren that he is being considered for this mission. This meeting is now over.

the other Hyuga clan members nodded and rose to their feet. Neji didn't even turn around before speaking. "It's alright Dren. You may enter."

A tall man with dark hair who was wearing a traditional Konoha jacket walked into the room. "I thank you for nominating me for this mission."

"Don't thank me yet Dren. You will be working with the woman who destroyed our home nearly a year ago. Karela. I want you to remember this...she was not herself when she attacked us. You must remember this."

Dren's fists were clenched even as he calmly nodded. "Very well." He said quietly as he walked out of the room and headed for the Hokage's office which was on the other side of town.
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