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Tavaryn instinctively reached out with a hand to steady Alriana as she almost fell. Shayna snorted as if laughing and pawed the ground with her hooves. Tavaryn grinned back and replied, "You need to center your weight and it helps to keep your feet in the stirrups."

He pet Shayna on the neck gently to soothe her and he whispered something in the animal's ear. The animal responded with a sound as if it were laughing with him. He inspected Alriana's form and said, "If you ever feel unbalanced, it's okay to grab the saddle horn and use it to steady yourself."

"Hey General, nice to see that you can still ride a stallion. Thought you to be too high and mighty." A group of warriors were laughing out loud at the comment.

Tavaryn said nothing but gave a slight tightening of his jaw. He made a couple of adjustments on some reins. He tied a length of rope to the ring on the stallion's bridle and said, "Just practice with her in a walk around me. Get a feel for her moving." His voice sounded strained as he stepped back but it was gentle.


Taryn was impressed with the war camp. Having never really seen one before, it took his breath away though he was good enough not to show it. He said to Andorra, "I'm glad your mother assigned us to the river. I get the feeling that General Sayrn wants us to water bend."


Jun-la managed to dock the Ebon Hawk with the Ackbar and she and Andros were walking around surveying the damage. The Mandalorian repair crew that Selene had left behind was doing a pretty good job at the repairs, even to the point of barking orders to the Republic crew.

Finding Admiral Belina on the bridge, she said, "Seems the repairs are going well."

Meanwhile Andros was examining a console that belonged to weapons. Out of habit he began to tinker with it, fixing connections that had been broken. He said out loud as he sat back and wiped his hands, "Admiral, you might want to consider having your repair crews replace all the connections for all systems. Looks like some shorted out. Could be the reason for low power to the computer and the lockout."

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