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Originally Posted by barnstormer View Post
Hay Hi. I know a little about your problem And i would love to be a part in helping you out with this goal because i too love the music from these games.

First of all here is the description of the files:
HE0: The file with all the info for the games like places characters
he1: dk
he2: dk
he3: All the songs in midi or mod format(Not the file you want, don't know how to do anything with it)
he4: the magical sound file (unsigned 8 bit PCM at 11025 bitrate)
The rest of the files are needed to run scumm and various other aspects of the game IE how to tie all of the data together. If you want more detail on the files i can try to let you know.

Now for the good stuff Being able to play the songs as a whole
(This method will get you a whole lot closer to your goal as the songs are not split apart)
First get Audacity 1.3.12-beta (Unicode)(I have done this with 1.3.11 so it should still work.)
second click file-import-raw data
third select the music file (IE Spyfox.he4 PuttPutt.he4...)
fourth make sure encoding is: unsigned 8 bit PCM
byte order: no endianness
channels: 1 channel(mono)
start offset:0 bytes
amount to import: 100%
sample rate: 11025
fifth click import
wait till its done
and then there is all of the songs from the game
if you want to play it you can there in audacity or export it by clicking on file export.

now to split the songs in later putt putt games and others you may be fortunate to have lines show up in audacity that indicate the splits

right now I am trying to create a program that you just point a file at it and it will split the original he4 file and convert it to whatever you want. But I hope this will help you out. You now have a stepping stone.
pm me with questions if you have any.


This is so cool. Thanks, Barnstormer! I have yet to actually try this, but once I get my new hard drive installed, I sure as heck will. This is perfect; thanks hugely.

And thank you, darkboy! I just might. I didn't realize she'd done other work for them; she could be a valuable contact.
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