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"Hey General, nice to see that you can still ride a stallion. Thought you to be too high and mighty."

Alriana looked over at the group of warriors who were laughing as she clenched her fists. She thought of possibly using the force to trip them up but then thought better of it. She didn't want to damage relations with Avalon but it was still hard to watch people making fun of him.

"Just practice with her in a walk around me. Get a feel for her moving."

Alriana nodded and the stallion gently moved forward a bit.


"Admiral, you might want to consider having your repair crews replace all the connections for all systems. Looks like some shorted out. Could be the reason for low power to the computer and the lockout."

Belina nodded as she opened up a panel and sighed as she saw the damage. "I think you may be right. The Ackbar is most likely going to be here for awhile. I'm going to see if the Katarn can spare any engineers. The more we have working on the Ackbar the better.


"I am second only to Lord Pestilus; you are nothing."

Varith quickly jumped backwards as the sleeves of his robe caught on fire. He quickly shook the robe off even as he unleashed a massive force wave at the same instant that she unleashed her lightning. He smiled grimly as he managed to force jump and dodge the lightning and brought his lightsaber down on her.

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