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"You can defend Cousin," Taryn replied, "and it was was pretty impressive. Still we won't know until General Sayrn gives us an assignment." He patted Andorra's arm reassuringly. "Besides you have your sword and from what my 'honorable' brother tells me, he set in a special part with the family crest on it. So looks like you are all set for either way."

He spotted Tavaryn with a Jedi riding a stallion. "Never thought the Sukairaidā would be leading calvary," he muttered with fascination.

Meanwhile Tonatius was walking with Kalla and Lenatha towards General Sayrn's table. He said to Kalla, "More likely my brother and I will be with the element benders. Element of suprise probably. You might be on foot charging, unless you guys want to be with the calvary."


Tavaryn watched her progess as Shayna walked in a circle around him. It was soothing working with beasts again. He saw the look on Alriana's face and her fists and said, "Don't worry about them. Right now focus on Shayna. Have her go in a trot now."

"Sukairaidā, since you ride with us, we shall surely win the day," an older warrior called out giving a fist over his heart salute.

Tavaryn said nothing and tried to hide the blush and steel himself against the next wave of taunts from the arrogants. Hasn't been long enough.

Sure enough the taunt came only this time it was much more personal. "Did I hear right? the great Sukairaidā is leading calvary?"

Tavaryn kept his eyes on Alriana's pacing as he replied, "What you heard is truth embellished Aiden. I lead first advance calvary." His tone was even and firm.

Aiden Murais smirked at Tavaryn's reply. "I see things haven't changed with you. Always trying to hide the fact that it's your mother's name that gets you into places."

"I don't abuse it," Tavaryn replied with a glare. "If you want to make fun of me for my actions go ahead. Leave my family out of it."

Aiden gave a wicked smile, "Family is everything. Deeds and skeletons. Just because you managed to actually tame the greatest of beasts doesn't make you better than the rest of us. If anything it's because of your family the Elders gave you that name."

"Frack off," Tavaryn muttered angrily.

"Tsk my what a dirty mouth," Aiden continued to poke. "I wonder if your Jedi friend knows what foul language you have as well as secrets you've kept."

Tavaryn wanted nothing more than to punch the guy in the face. He gritted his teeth and said, "Leave her alone and leave me alone. Consider that an order."

"Fine, but remember this Onashi: You'll never be rid of the stigma your family name carries," Aiden replied before walking away. He did call out to Alriana, "Glad to see that you are with us Master Jedi."

Tavaryn said nothing but the muscles in his mouth twitched.


Andros said to Admiral Belina, "I'll get to work on the main computer connectors. With your permission Admiral."

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