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"I'll get to work on the main computer connectors. With your permission Admiral."

"Permission granted. Just watch out, with the amount of damage the Ackbar has taken I would keep an eye out for power surges in the consoles."

Belina was about to radio the Katarn to see if they had any spare engineers when a panicked voice echoed came from her comnlink. "Admiral Belina, this is ensign Tilra. I was heading for the crew quarters when I found a body laying in the corridor."

"The Ackbar was just in a battle ensign. I'm sorry to say this but I'm sure that we lost a few people."

"Admiral...I looked over the body. There was a blaster wound to his back and to his head. He was murdered."

Belina's eyes narrowed as she barked out orders to the bridge crew. "I want security teams on all decks now! And get a medical team down to the crew quarters. I want to find out who was killed. All security teams are to keep an eye out for any unusual activity."


"Fine, but remember this Onashi: You'll never be rid of the stigma your family name carries"

Alriana continued to stay on the stallion even as she seriously considered using the force to teach the man a lesson but decided against it. This man who was messing with Tavaryn was seriously making her angry.

"What was he talking about Tavaryn?" She asked quietly. "What is wrong with your family name?"
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