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"No problem Admiral. This is small compared to damage the Hawk has taken in past battles," Andros replied as he got to work removing the paneling protecting the main computer. He pulled out a toolkit that he carried in his pack and began to get to work.

Jun-la left him to do his work and continued to look about the Ackbar. She had seen some of the damage and inwardly smiled when she recognized the carbon scoring from Mandalorian weapons. Andros was going to be in heaven since the boy had shown aptitude with computers and repairs.

When Belina answered the comm, Jun-la turned at the sense of urgency from the ensign. She spoke to the Admiral, "Admiral Belina, I'll head down to the area to investigate. Perhaps I can get a sense of what happened."


"What was he talking about Tavaryn?" She asked quietly. "What is wrong with your family name?"

Tavaryn unclenched his facial muscles as Alriana advanced on Shanya. She had picked up the basics fast and he was pleased. It meant that he could summon Ryu. He let out a short sigh and replied, "Nothing is wrong with's..." He tried finding a way to explain it and it was hard. He tried again, "My parents are well known among my people and they were honored for their services during the Clone wars, unusual since my father was not Avalonian. Since then, if sentients meet me or my siblings...they are rather quick to extend favors. You remember Geonosis?"


Tonatius answered Lenatha's question, "They aren't really medics. They're healers and they are warriors. Pretty good with field dressings. Fourth squad in Sayrn's command is the best."

They came to General Sayrn's table and Tonatius saluted with a fist across his chest, "General."

General Saryn looked up and returned the salute. "Tonatius Iazoki, the oldest of the Iazoki twins." He looked at the others, "Another Jedi and a Twilek whom I heard knows how to fight as well as patch a wound."

"Yes, sir. Where would you like us to be?"

"Obviously the twins go with the benders, the doctor reports to fourth squad and the Jedi can be with the benders as cover," General Sayrn replied. He looked at Lenatha and Kalla, "Any questions?"


Governor Starlighter surveyed the land. The advancing Sith were a fair distance away but they were moving at a steady pace. Peering through her scope, she could determine that the rate they were travelling would give them maybe 30 minutes to form up and be ready. She turned to Admiral Garja, the former Imperial and said, "We should have the divisions line up per the battle plan. Could you relay that to Selene please?"

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