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((are they departing for the mission right now?))

Naruto sat at his desk, organising a collection of folders - each one displaying a thumbnail profile photograph of the individual. So far, he had Karela, Takeda and Akagi assigned; in addition to Ryuu and Kaneda imported from the Masurao Academy. There was one more member he was expecting a reply from - a member from the Hyuga clan.

He could have made things easier and selected Takeda as the main Jonin. But Naruto was aware there was something not at ease with the man. Therefor sending a second Jonin would be conventional enough. Besides, they could gather more information if the two Jonin split the team up.

There was a knock on his door.

"Enter." he replied.

Dren, the member from the Hyuga clan he was expecting entered the office. Naruto crossed his fingers.

"Its good to see you Dren." Naruto read his file. "I have come to understand that you are close to becoming a Jonin. You must be aware that there is a prerequisite before undergoing the examinations."
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