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((Can I kill Inferna now? If not let me know and I'll edit the post.))


Even as the force wave hit him Varith knew what to do. He qucikly managed to straighten himself out and ducked under the lightsaber that was heading towards him. He smiled as he used force speed and managed to get right up in front of Darth Inferna. He smiled grimly as he reactivated his lightsaber even as he pressed the hilt against her stomach.


"Admiral Belina, I'll head down to the area to investigate. Perhaps I can get a sense of what happened."

"Take a security squad with you. Whoever did this is clever. Whoever it was must have waited until we were boarded."


"My parents are well known among my people and they were honored for their services during the Clone wars, unusual since my father was not Avalonian. Since then, if sentients meet me or my siblings...they are rather quick to extend favors. You remember Geonosis?"

Alriana instantly understood. "I...see what you mean. But remember this, if you hadn't used your name I most likely would have been taken prisoner by the Geonosians and would never have had a chance to redeem myself."

"We should have the divisions line up per the battle plan. Could you relay that to Selene please?"

Garja nodded and then saluted. "As you command." He ran off looking for Selene. She couldn't have gotten too far away.
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