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"I know moi chroi," Tavaryn replied, "However it is a source of jealousy among some of my people. When I was given the name Sukairaidā by the Council of Lords, that kind of sealed the deal on the jealousy part for some. For others, it is more like adulation of a war hero."

He knew he was going to have to explain what Sukairaidā meant since she would be hearing it for awhile. So he explained, "Sukairaidā means Sky Rider and there is a reason for that but I would rather show than explain."


Tavaryn turned to see who was addressing him when all of a sudden he received a hard punch from a young woman dress in warrior's garb and had her face painted for battle. He gave a grunt for it was hard but he recognized who it was when she said, "What took you so long to come back?"

He grinned genuinely, "Murasaki. I see that you've improved with your fists."

"I needed to since I promised myself I would remind you why you need to visit more often and you and your Jedi friend are not even remotely ready. I had to bully Father's calvary while you decided to play drill instructor." Murasaki tried to look stern but her warm brown eyes twinkled in pleasure at seeing Tavaryn again.

Tavaryn returned the smile, "What can I say, I like working with animals." He glanced at Alriana and added, "Murasaki, this Alriana. Alriana, this is Tristian's daughter Murasaki. She is my cousin."

"Rightfully so," Murasaki grinned. She hadn't missed the tone in Tavaryn's voice and inwardly she was pleased. She extended a hand up, "I am Murasaki. If you are finished, Come with me and we will make sure you and Shayna are ready for battle. Mobilization will be called soon. And you Cousin better go get ready yourself. You know what the men expect."

Tavaryn gave a slight smile. "Right." He said to Alriana, "Go with Murasaki. I'll be back when the call comes moi chroi." He handed the length to Murasaki and stalked off towards the edge of the camp.


Selene was doing last minute checks on the numbers. Tristian's artillery had arrived and had been positioned by the fortress. She was looking around at the armaments waiting for battle when she spotted Admiral Garja running. She intercepted him and asked, "Admiral Garja, the units are ready. What news from the Governor?"

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