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"Go with Murasaki. I'll be back when the call comes moi chroi."

Alriana nodded once and then watched as Tavaryn walked away. "Stay safe Tavaryn...I'll be waiting for you." she said quietly.

"Admiral Garja, the units are ready. What news from the Governor?"

"The Governor says that we should have the divisions line up as per the battle plan."



Varith deactivated his lightsaber and kicked Inferna's body away so that he could kneel. "I thank you for taking me as your apprentice master. I look forward to learning from you."

Not to mention learning new ways to kill Jedi, He thought.


Ravirn knew that his actions would bring chaos to the Ackbar but he did not anticipate that the guardsman he had killed would be discovered so quickly. He grabbed his blaster even as he finished downloading the files that he had been sent to download. Communications from Republic high command, movements of the republic fleets around the galaxy and most importantly the blueprints to each class of ship used by the republic and the command codes to the Ackbar.

He turned and smiled down at the republic security officers that had discovered him downloading the files. He had managed to beat them down before they even knew what hit them.

He tucked the datapad on the inside of his stolen guardsman armor and quickly began heading for the docking bay. It had been simple to gain access to the Ackbar. He had simply came aboard with the last shuttle of troops that had came aboard nearly a month ago.

Bridge of the Ackbar

Just as Admiral Belina began to issue orders again alarms began to sound throughout the bridge. "Admiral! We have unauthorized access to the ships computer! Deck 32 section 5. Dispatching security teams now!"
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