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Jun-la had started heading to investigate the body when the alarms started ringing. She looked around to see if it was an intruder but even the security team with her was confused. She called, "Koral, what's going on? We have an alarm blaring."

Meanwhile Andros had been working with the main computer. He had managed to attach a thing that looked similar to a datapad to the main line to help him assess the power flow to the computer. When the alarms went off, he thought he triggered something and checked the pad. Seeing what it was, he said, "Admiral, I am detecting an unauthorized file download. Can't pinpoint where but he must've had an access code. I can tap into the sensors to track him."


Selene turned to look at the sky for a moment. She frowned slightly before turning back to Garja and replied, "Alright. Send the call to the artillery and main charging force to line up and I'll comm the first advance." She then turned to give one last look at the battle schematic.


Murasaki watched the exchange between the Jedi and Tavaryn with interest and smiled. She led Shayna to the edge of the corral where other warriors were applying battle gear and paint to their mounts. She beckoned Alriana to hop down so that she could watch her. She said, "You're already saddled up but I'll show you how to apply the sigils."

Murasaki took up a small bowl of black paint and dipped her first two fingers in it. She then began to apply a marking on Shayna's right flank, making sure Alriana could see. She then asked, "You like him don't you?" She took a quick glance and added, "I apologize if I seem forward. I am fond of my cousin though he is more like an uncle."


Stay safe Tavaryn...I'll be waiting for you.

Tavaryn gave a small smile as he stalked off away from the camp. He wished in his heart that Alriana would be safe and he trusted Murasaki with his life. He sighed as he entered the forest wishing that he didn't have to do this but this was war and his people and the Republic needed every tactical advantage. He came to a familiar clearing and went to a large boulder. Reaching in, he pulled out a staff and a small bundle.

Okay...time for Sukairaidā, he thought as he opened the bundle to reveal war paint and began applying it to his face. When he was finished and he had stashed away the bundle, he climbed on top of the boulder and, using the Force to amplify it, gave a shrill whistle and a cry, "Ai Ai Ai Ai!"

A roar sounded off in the distance and he gave a grin.


It had been years since he last set foot upon the land he once called home. He had come close to domination but then it failed. The portal on Setna had been sealed and they were guarding it. Somehow he managed to get off that cursed ground and found a new purpose. He looked and smiled at the thought of the numbers he marched with. They will surely bring about darkness.

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