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Ackbar Bridge

"Koral, what's going on? We have an alarm blaring."

Koral swore under his breath as his console began flashing on him. "We have an intruder aboard who managed to download most of the files on our computer. I'm still looking over what he managed to get."

"Admiral, I am detecting an unauthorized file download. Can't pinpoint where but he must've had an access code. I can tap into the sensors to track him."

Belina didn't even turn towards him as she ran to one of the consoles. "Track him and give me his current location. I want security teams on him before he can escape."

Ackbar Corridors

Ravirn passed by two more Republic solders and smiled. Taking the armor of the dead republic solder was a simple yet effective disguise. He was only two decks away from the shuttlebay and so far no one had stopped him. Despite the fact that alarms were going off and the ship was on intruder alert he was confident that he could escape the Ackbar and make it back to his destination.


"Alright. Send the call to the artillery and main charging force to line up and I'll comm the first advance."

Garja bowed. "As you command," he said as he ran off.

"You like him don't you?, I apologize if I seem forward. I am fond of my cousin though he is more like an uncle."

Alriana's face turned red as she answered, "I...didn't know at first if I was growing to care for him or not at first...but eventually I came to understand that I really do care about him."

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