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"Yes Admiral," Andros replied wiping a smudge of dirt from his forehead. He tapped his keys on his tool. "Admiral, it could be that he was in disguise."

Meanwhile Jun-la was listening to Koral's report. She responded, "If he got onto the ship and no one noticed, it could be that he disguised himself as a member of the crew." She paused a moment to think and changed the direction she was headed. she had an idea. "Admiral, send available security teams to the shuttlebay. If he's in disguise he'll use that to his advantage to get off the ship. Also alert the station to send out fighters to intercept should we miss him."


Selene tapped the comm, "Sayrn, time to form up. Give your commanders the signal."

Sayrn received the call and replied, "Yes Lady Ordo." He looked around. Tristian's calvary was ready to go but there was no sign of Tavaryn. Still orders were orders. He belowed out, "First Calvary form up. First infantry form up."

Murasaki had put the finishing touches on Shayna's flanks. She replied, "I am glad you care for him and I can tell he cares for you." Then she abruptly changed the subject, "There, your stallion is ready for battle."

Just then Sayrn's orders to form up came through. She then said, "Hop on. Time to go." She then whistled for her mount who trotted up tossing its mane in anticipation. All the warriors formed up in a line following Murasaki's lead but they were wondering where their general was.

Aiden voiced it out, "So Murasaki, where is the general?"

"He'll be here," Murasaki replied as she rode her horse up and down the line to make sure they were formed up.


Murasaki was going to retort when a bellow that sounded low echoed over them. At that moment a shadow passed over the forming armies. The Avalonians and Republic soldiers looked up to see what it was. It flew over until it circled around and landed in front of the calvary line with a thud. It roared but the stallions and draigons held their ground. Murasaki grinned when the beast's rider came into view. Just in time.

The rider's face was painted all black save for the white v markings on his cheeks and forehead. He was crouched on the back of the beast holding onto the harness on the creature's horns with one hand and a staff in the other. Murasaki said out loud, "Sukairaidā you have arrived for battle."

Tavaryn had nearly forgotten the thrill of riding a wyvern, the predator of the skies. HE felt a sense of exuberance as he flew over the forming armies and landed in front of the calvary he was leading. He said, "Disappointed Aiden?"

Aiden said nothing but scowled. He moved his stallion towards a different partof the ranks. You'll get yours Onashi."

Tavaryn glanced at his troops. They stood formed up, ready to march. Some would die but not without honor. He knew he had to say a few words. He said, "Friends, warriors, my brothers, we come together again to defend that which is ours. We are the first meaning that the risk is greater but whether we are the first, the middle or the last, we stand and fight for our home. I know that there are those among you who think that I am not worthy of this honor but even without it, know that I will stand by you until the end. I will stand and not go quietly without a fight. I declare this day, our day!"

The cheers were deafening as the warriors cheered, Murasaki let out a war whoop. She galloped to where Alriana was and took position besides her. She said, "I know that war is a nasty business but don't worry, Sukairaidā has fought in battles before this. I'll stay beside you and you stay besides me. We will stand together alright?"

Tavaryn listened to the cheers of the warriors. He was glad they couldn't see the expressions on his face since it was covered with black paint. He responded with a war whoop of his own before turning the wyvern Ryu around to face the enemy. He commed, "Selene, Admiral Garja, this is Onashi with first wave and we are go. Signal when you are ready for the charge."


The Sith forces had come across the enemy and the first wave was a line of warriors on stallions and draigons. At the head was a winged creature that beloowed out the ocassional roar. He knew what that creature was and thought it impossible. He belowed out, "Form up."

The troops formed up in a line. There was some distance between the two armies but that didn't matter. They had heavy duty artillery to use. He pulled out a pair of binoculars and peered. He could make out the rider of creature dressed in black and grinned. He stood in the speeder with the driver and gunman. This day would be bloody indeed. He sent a communication, "Lord Pestilus, we are formed up for attack, what will you have me do?"


Tonatius held Kalla's hand and said, "Be safe moi chroi."

Taryn added, "And we'll be too."

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