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"The Dark Side of the Force is strong in you, a powerful Sith you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth ... Corial."

The cathar who had once been known as Varith and now would be known as Darth Corial smiled darkly but did not rise. "What is your bidding Master?"


"Admiral, send available security teams to the shuttlebay. If he's in disguise he'll use that to his advantage to get off the ship. Also alert the station to send out fighters to intercept should we miss him."

Admiral Belina nodded and opened up the shipwide communications channel. "Attention all crewmembers, there is an intruder onboard who is most likely making his way to the shuttlebay. I want security teams covering the shuttlebays and be alert, he may be in disguise."

Belina closed the channel and turned toward Jun-La. "Since my tactical officer isn't here at the moment I would appreciate it if you led the security team here on the bridge."

She then opened up a line to the station. "This is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar, we have an intruder aboard. If he does escape the ship be prepared to launch fighters after him."

Ackbar corridors

Just as Ravirn thought that he would be able to escape without having to kill anyone else he saw that the shuttlebay was being guarded by a heavily armed security team. It only took him a minute to figure out what to do.

He had to improvise.

He slowly backed around the corner and then threw himself on the floor and then fired a series of blaster bolts down the opposite end of the corridor. "Stop! Get back here!" He shouted in his best angry voice. Three of the four security members of the security team ran over to him. "He went down the corridor! I think he was heading for one of the weapons bays!"

The three security team members immediatly ran down the corridor and the chiss got back on his feet, walked around the edge of the corridor and then shot the lone security officer infront of the door. He stepped over the body and opened the door and then strolled into the hangerbay before sealing the door behind him.

All too easy...He thought


"Selene, Admiral Garja, this is Onashi with first wave and we are go. Signal when you are ready for the charge."

Garja nodded and then turned to Lady Selene as he ran up to her. "I believe that the honor should be yours. I am after all a guest on your world."
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