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Jun-la paused and then replied, "Copy that Admiral. We'll notify you of our progress." She then turned to the members of her secuirty team and said, "We are heading to the hangarbay. Double time." She took off running with teh security detail following her.

"Admiral, I am detecting a sealing of the hangarbay doors," Andros replied, "Tapping into the security cameras. They should be showing up now."

The images were static-icky but they showed the hangar bays and what appeared to be a lone trooper sealing the doors. "That's your man Admiral," Andros said.

Meanwhile Jun-la found the dead security officer in front of the hangarbay doors and tapped them. She then ignited her lightsaber and jammed it in and began cutting a doorway. She said on the comm, "Is there another way in?"


Tonatius returned Kalla's kiss with one to her cheek and went to be with the forward movements of the benders. These were benders that could summon their element without aid from an actual source. He gave a glance to his twin who nodded back.

Insoe, the commander of the healing units greeted Lenatha and Andorra, "Stay close with us. We will follow right behind."


Selene nodded at Garja. "Your men are here as well." She looked at the thick dark line. "Well Admiral," and she pulled out a blade and strapped it to her waist, "The time is now." She then commed Tavaryn, her youngest brother and said, "The time is now."


He was once called Tyrannus and thought that he could destroy that which destroyed his home and his people's way of life. He had been found by Lord Pestilence and served under him, waiting for a chance to strike again. This time he was under a new name, Kage for he had come back from the shadows.

Now he stood with the army, charged with invading this world. He looked to the subordinate under him Dirkaar and then sent via the Force to Pestilence, They have amassed milord. Shall I destroy them?


The time is now.

Tavaryn heard the transmission. He looked up and down the line of Avalonian's and Republic guardsmen. He then spotted Alriana and Murasaki together and his heart cheered a bit. He sent through his connection to Alriana, May the Force be with chroi.

Looking at the enemy, he shouted in Avalonian, "For Life!"

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