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Unfortunately, Espiox does not answer for over a year now. I tried pm him month ago. Thus my question: Could an admin update the opening post please? It gets more and more confusing for newbies.

- First of all, links to the latest patch, modified ScummVM and its source would be good. Just like done in the Monkey 2 Talkie thread.
- The "Known Problems" mentioned there should be all fixed by now.
- And the FAQ should be updated:

Q: What help is needed?
Completely outdated answer. Appropriate would be:
A: None anymore. The v1.0 should be released soon, when some legal concerns are cleared with the ScummVM team.

Q: Since it's for the DOS CD version, will it actually run in DOS?
Completely outdated answer here too. You may replace it with this:
A: It does, except that CD audio is not supported, which is a limitation of native SCUMM V5. However, the patched game adds support for MT-32 and General MIDI.

Q: Do you have any other features planned (like including SE music, "fixing" the VGA version, etc.)?
Yet another outdated answer. Try this:
A: The current patch fixes quite a lot of bugs, some which were introduced with the enhanced CD, and even some present in every version of the game available. The patch converts both soundtracks ready to be used with ScummVM.

The last one is a bit cluttered. Maybe you should put the music question to a separate one.
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