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((yeah I can put up his character sheet up soon. And sorry for the delay))

"I was told that there was some sort of requirement for this mission and I would like to know what it is. I was also told by the clan that you had people searching the archives for awhile but that they stopped searching a short while ago. It is my conclusion that you didn't manage to find anything worth finding in the acrchives."

"Or simply on halt. We need to gather more data." Naruto closed the folder, and rested his chin on his hands. "We have been given a report of the existance of an unknown force. Not clear as to whether it is a syndicate or organisation. We do not know what their motives are, or what they are after."

Naruto looked out the window, overlooking the village. Tents were dotted all over the training fields. "They have just recently attacked a Samurai Village, and as of now the surviving villagers are taking refuge here in Konoha. We are dispatching a recon team to the Village, to gather more information on the group we are dealing with."

He turned back to Dren. "There also another reason why I chose you for this assignment. I want you to keep an eye on the one named Takeda; he is a Jonin accompanying on the mission. Once the mission is complete, I expect a report on his behaviour patterns and performance. He cannot know I asked you to do this."


"The Hokage hasn't decided on who will be joining us but he did say he was working on a team. I know Akagi and some of his men may join us while the others remain at the village."

"Akagi?" Kaneda echoed with excitement. "He's here? How is he--" he stopped short, because he realised he already had the answer to his question. Afterall, he too would feel a little shaken if his village was attacked and liberated of its population.

Ryuu eyed Kaneda strangely. Kaneda exchanged glances. "What?"

"Did I not tell you breakfast was a very important meal of the day?" Ryuu noted, acknowledging the grumbling sounds of Kaneda's stomach. Kaneda looked sheepish.

"Heh... so you did." he turned to Karela. "Come on, you! I'm starving, and theres a lot to catch up on."
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