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"Is there another way in?"

Belina paused from her work on the console for a moment as she thought about the question. The answer came to her immediatly. "Use Override code 31-zeta. Thats the maximum override code for the Ackbar and it can be used for anything."

Now I'm going to have to change the code again. Thats the third time this year.

Ackbar Corridors

Ravirn heard a hissing sound from behind him even as he ran for one of the hyperspace capable fighters. He knew that sound all too well and it always meant trouble for him.

A lightsaber. That meant that there was a jedi after him and he simply wasn't equiped to fight one right now.

He quickly found a fighter and climbed into the pilot's seat. He quickly powered up the engines just as the hangerbay doors began to close. He quickly set the engines to maximum and flew out of the hanger right as the doors closed behind him.


May the Force be with chroi.

Alriana smiled as she heard Tavaryn's voice in her head even as she ignited her lightsaber and raised it up in the air as Tavaryn shouted something in his native language.

It's time for this battle to begin...she thought.
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