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"Rise, Lord Corial. Focus your efforts on finding the remaining codes. They will prove most useful for our plan."

Corial slowly rose to his feet, and bowed to his new sith instructor. "If I may use the communications system I can check in with my source. He may already have the remaining code, it has been quite a while since I checked in with him."


"Ship escaped bay but there's a tracker on it Admiral. Call for station fighters to pusue if possible."

Belina slammed her hand down on a console in frustration. She had let some sort of enemy agent aboard the flagship of the Republic fleet. She quickly opened a comn channel to the station. "Attention Avalon station, we have an intruder who managed to steal one of our fighters. He needs to be stopped at all costs. Please launch all fighters if possible."


Ravirn knew that the republic would be sending fighters after him at a moment's notice but he wouldn't allow them to stop him from reporting back. He carefully entered a series of hyperpsace coordinates and waited for the navcomputer to find a safe route. But still...there was a chance that he would be captured before the navcomputer could find a safe route.

I just need a few more seconds before I can jump to hyperspace and finally get this mission over with.
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