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Kage nodded even though he wasn't in his lord's presence. Yes milord. He then belowed out, "Forward! Attack! Destroy them!"

The Sith troops began to charge towards the enemy. The artillery had been instructed to create a barrage of fire with their units. Kage looked forward before instructing the speeder he was on to move forward. What he wanted was the rider of the wyvern.

Tavaryn saw the enemy move to charge and urged Ryu forward. The wyvern ran on its two legs with a thunderous charge before spreading its wings and taking flight. It swooped low to the ground charging for the enemy.

The Avalonian calvary followed suit on their stallions and draigons. The ground was thundering with the sound of beating hooves and claws followed by the soldiers on foot. Murasaki felt her heart pound as she urged her stallion forward. She glanced to make sure that Alriana was still beside her as she drew out her bow that had been strapped to her back and drew an arrow. Other warriors who carried bows drew theirs. "Archers, make ready!"

The warriors drew their arrows and notched them. Murasaki eyed the distance closing in. She then shouted, "Volley fire!"

It was like a rain of metal alloys as the arrows flew with deadly precision and rained down on the advancing enemy. it was like a dying wave as enemy Sith fell with arrows protruding from their bodies. Murasaki yelled for the archers to forward advance. Some put their bows away and pulled out blades. Others continued to fire.

Out of the tall grass stood maybe hundred of women drawing their own bows and raining arrows on the enemy. Murasaki shouted at Alriana, "The Handmaidens are here!"

Tavaryn continued forward, his staff held ready to strike.

It was like two brutal waves as the two sides collided. There was the distinct sound of blaster fire and the clang of metal as the two sides engaged in battle. Sith were firing on the charging Avalonians hitting some but were blinded by the elements being hurled at them.

Tonatius and Taryn stayed together as they advanced creating whirlwinds of water that shot soldiers out of their army's path. The earth benders brought up walls while hurling the earth. Fire and wind worked together. It was quick and dirty and effective. Tonatius looked at Kall who leapt into battle. That's my girl. He then spotted the Echleon 5 soldier Jareth and asked, "You planning on fighting?"

Kage stopped and jumped on a boulder to watch. The element defense was effective. Not too many were getting hit by the blaster fire. He ordered, "Use the AT AT walkers."

The walkers made their move and were firing indiscriminately. Some were shooting at the fortress which was firing back. Tavaryn looked around as he saw warriors beeing knocked sensless and dead from direct hits and shockwaves. He had to take out the walkers. He commed, "Tiye, now would be a good time to send in fighters."

Tiye got the comm and turned to Komad, "Time to get airborne." She climbed into a fighter and beckoned the Jedi to do the same. She commed back, "We're on the way."

Tavaryn, using Ryu, had managed to take out two of the walkers. The first he had leapt off and onto the walker to drop a grenade inside and leap back onto the wyvern. The second one, the wyvern took out with its own claws. By the time Tavaryn got the comm, he had lost his concentration and an explosion came in close causing the wyvern to veer off suddenly. Losing his grip, Tavaryn fell off and landed in the middle of the battle, lost in the smoke and dirt.

The wyvern roared as it swooped around. Kage looked through his binoculars and grinned. He had it timed perfectly as he jumped in his speeder to head to where the rider had fallen.


"This is Avalonian station to the Ackbar. Fighters are in pursuit of vessel."

Kurosu was a seasoned pilot and was the first to be sent out after the rogue Republic officer. He spotted the craft right away and commed his comrades to follow. He gave orders to disable the vessel. He locked on and fired a torpedo.


Jun-la leaned over the body and concluded what was obvious. She relayed the report to Belina, "He must have been aboard months Admiral. He didn't stand out with the crew. More like a sleeper spy. The guardsman never saw it coming."

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