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Alriana was in the thick of the fighting when she caught a glimpse of Tavaryn and his beast attacking an AT-AT. She smiled as she watched two of the AT-ATs went down. Her smile turned into a look of horror when she watched him get knocked off of his beast and was dropped into the thick of the battle.

"Tavaryn!" She shouted in horror. If someone didn't get to him soon he would most likely end up dead.

I'm coming to get you Tavaryn...Just hold on!

Alriana urged her stallion on as she headed toward the spot where he had fallen, taking out a few sith along the way. At this point she was only thinking of two things: saving Tavaryn and making sure she wasn't attacked from behind.

She caught a glimpse of him and shouted out, "Hold on Tavaryn! I'm almost there!"


"He must have been aboard months Admiral. He didn't stand out with the crew. More like a sleeper spy. The guardsman never saw it coming."

"Take the guardsman to the medical bay. And don't worry, whoever did this is now being pursued by fighters from the Avalon station. I think it's time we have a chat with the commander of his unit."


Ravirn let out a loud curse as he saw the torpedo coming towards him just as the navcomputer let out a beep, letting him know that a safe course had been plotted.

He pulled the lever back and his ship quickly disappeared into hyperspace just as the torpedo went through the space where his ship had been just a moment ago.

Next stop: Imperial Space...I have a feeling the Grand Admiral will be very interested in this data.
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