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Kurosu cursed as the torpedo sailed off harmlessly and the ship disappeared. "Kurosu to Ackbar. Ship went to hyperspace. If you give the frequency of the tracker, we can pursue."


Jun-la replied, "Copy that Admiral." She instructed the guardsmen to pick up the body and take it to the med bay. She then asked, "Should I detain the commander, Admiral?"


Tavaryn knew he was falling and twisted his body to avoid serious injury. Great more bruises. He landed and rolled a few feet down a slight slope and forced himself to a stop. Miraculously he still had his lightsaber attached to his belt and his sword was slung across his back. Getting to his feet he held his staff in attack position knocking Sith senseless while other warriors were otherwise occupied.

"Hold on Tavaryn! I'm almost there!"

Tavaryn heard her shout over the din and turned to see Alriana charging on Shayna. It would have been enough for someone to lop his head off but his instincts told him someone was coming after him. He did a sudden drop and roll to give him the advantage of grabbing his lightsaber. He ignited and brought it up just in time to counter the glowing red beam of a dark Jedi.

Kage took the moment of distraction to cover the distance and strike at the wyvern rider. The pop hiss of his lightsaber was masked by the sounds of battle. He brought it down to have his enemy counter with a block with his own lightsaber. "A tribesman with a lightsaber?" he queried, "Very interesting."

Tavaryn sprang away to land on his feet, "We Avalonians are multitalented."

"Yes I know. I've fought your kind before," Kage replied. "And I can tell that you mean something to the people here which is why I will take pleasure in cutting you down." He then lunged.

Tavaryn knew it was a fight to the death with this one whom he now suspected was Sith Lord. He countered with defensive blocks, looking for a strategy.


Murasaki saw Tavaryn fall off the wyvern and noticed the reaction of Alriana. If anything the Jedi had become a horsewoman in that instant as she charged forward. Murasaki saw enemy soldiers trying to fire at the Jedi so she followed, shooting with her bow at them.

"Watch the crossfire," Murasaki shouted.

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