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"Kurosu to Ackbar. Ship went to hyperspace. If you give the frequency of the tracker, we can pursue."

Belina swore under her breath. The enemy had gotten away and she had no idea what data he had managed to access. "Leave him for now...I plan on having the Ackbar fully repaired before we go after him."

"Should I detain the commander, Admiral?"

"Yes. Bring him to the brig." The Admiral accessed the computer to check his location. "Right now he's in his quarters. Deck 3 section 31. His room is number 28. I want him alive."


Alriana continued striking down sith solders and avoiding others as she worked her way towards the area where Tavaryn had landed. As she hot closer and closer she could sense Tavaryn and a darker presence. When she got close enough she could barely see him fighting it out with a figure with a red lightsaber.

She silently force-jumped off her stallion and landed behind the figure with the red lightsaber and brought her lightsaber down on the sith in a slashing motion.
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