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"Leave him for now...I plan on having the Ackbar fully repaired before we go after him."

Kurosu sighed. They should be pursuing but he got the distinct impression that the Republic admiral wanted this guy herself. Still he could understand and replied, "Understood. We can keep tabs on movement for you. Heading back to base."


"Yes. Bring him to the brig." The Admiral accessed the computer to check his location. "Right now he's in his quarters. Deck 3 section 31. His room is number 28. I want him alive."

Jun-la marched silently to the the specified room flanked by the security detail. "What is officer's name Admiral?"


Andros had been fiddling with the wiring. There had been a few sparks but nothing serious. He checked his pad and began trying something. he said, "Admiral, I believe I can sift through the downloads to find what he was specifically after. Just let me have full access to the main computer."


Kage was ejoying the fight. There was something familiar about this Avalonian that he couldn't quite put his finger on. It had been a long time. he continued to attack until the Avalonian sprang back, gripping his staff in one hand and the lightsaber in the other. "Very impressive. Not traditional Jedi techniques."

Tavaryn eyed his opponent warily. "Never trained with them."

Interesting. Kage replied out loud, "Yet you fight with a Jedi's weapon. Should you be brandishing the honor?"

Tavaryn glanced at his lit lightsaber. It had never mattered to him with whih weapon he fought with. Still, the honorable side of him kicked in. He extinguished the blade and returned it to his belt. He gripped the staff in the middle and gave a deft twist and separated the staff into two pieces which he gripped and twirled in a deadly fashion.

Kage grinned. It was at the last moment that he sensed the danger. As quick as Tavaryn would have moved, he sidestepped the strike and grabbed the Jedi by the arm. With a deft twist, he managed to wrench the girl around and pin her sword arm. He whispered into the Jedi's ear, "Not very smart to interfere."

Kage then looked at Tavaryn and said, "What now? You want to risk it?"

It was a threat an Tavaryn knew it. He held his two staff pieces in attack formation but his heart was torn. He looked at his enemy and Alriana. His face was frownign but he looked menacing with the black paint on his face. It was a standoff. Tavaryn sent, What should I do moi chroi?

((Apologies Chev if I was forward on a bit on Kage's counter.))

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