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Trust me again moi chroi?

Alriana tried to gather the force around her but the pain she was in was preventing her from fully gathering the power she needed.

Of course I do...I trust you Tavaryn. she sent back.

Ackbar Bridge

"Strange. Part of this download is mundane things like inventory lists. I would've thought that he would have gone into more secure info like weapons, defenses, that like. Admiral, does the Ackbar have a record of battles engaged? Anything related to the Undying Sith or what happened two years ago?"

"As a matter of fact it does. Every battle that the Ackbar has gone through since it's launch has been recorded and there is some data on the Sith. I can see why someone would want information on the sith and the incident at Geonosis but why they accessed the inventory is beyond me."

Ackbar, Deck 3 Section 31

"Xeran, this is Jun-la, Jedi Knight. I need you to come with me for questioning."

Xeran, who was inside his quarters looked up in suprise as the voice came through his door. He grabbed his blaster pistol and grabbed a concussion grenade just in case it was some sort of trap. Being paranoid never hurt.

"May I ask what I am going to be questioned about? I mean no offense Jedi Jun-la but I refuse to leave until I hear what has happened."

He looked over the weapons that were mounted on his wall. I have a bad feeling about this. He thought.
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