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"This concerns a soldier under your command. In case you have not been aware, there is a situation that needs to be dealt with."

Xeran muttered something under his breath. He had a feeling that he knew which solder it was.

He dropped his blaster pistol on the floor and opened the door and held his hands above his head. "I believe I know what solder you are talking about. He recently arrived on the Ackbar didn't he?"

Ackbar Bridge

Belina was busy working on a console when she heard Andros's idea. "Good idea. Try and find whatever it was he downloaded and then let me know."


Alriana shouted out in pain when her brist was broken. She couldn't believe the strength of the sith. He had broken her wrist with almost no effort. The pain she was feeling was making her black out.

"Hang on moi chroi."

Alriana's eyes closed once and then opened again. Be careful Tavaryn... she sent to him as she blacked out again from the pain.

"Admiral Garja, have arillery concentrate with ion charges on the walkers. We need to bring them down."

"As you command Governor."

Garja spoke into a comn. "All vehicles equiped with Ion charges are to concentrate fire on the AT-ATs. Make sure that they are brought down."

"Yes Admiral."
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