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"Admiral, what do you know about Echleon 5?"

"Not much. From what I've learned they're some sort of secret organization that believes that they have the authority to do just about anything when it comes to defending the republic.

Ackbar, Deck 3 Section 31

"I'll tell you the truth right now that Admiral Belina wants you locked up in the brig. Show me cooperation and maybe we can avoid that."

"I know of the chiss your talking about." He said quietly. "He was new to the Ackbar when I noticed that there were a few odd things that set him apart from the other troopers. He was late to training exercises a few times, never tried to talk to any of the other troops and spent most of his free time in his quarters."

Xeran paused for a moment. "There was one incident where he requested that he gain access to the Ackbar's main computer. He said he wanted to study advanced Echani combat techniques. I didn't see the harm so I gave him access."

He looked over Jun-la and the troops that were assembled. "Don't tell me he did anything against regulations."


"Don't worry. The pain will pass."

Alriana groaned in pain as she woke up again. "I certainly hope so...that sith was different from the rest of them. I sent a jolt of force lightning through him and he didn't seem to feel it."

"It's nothing I can't fix, but you're in no condition to fight."

Alriana tried to get back on her feet only to fall backward again as the pain ran through her body. "Someone needs to take care of that sith that tavaryn is fighting then. I would reccomend that whoever goes after him exercise extreme caution."
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