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"Unauthorized download. What he wanted, my pupil is looking for. So you can understand why the admiral wants you in the brig."

Xeran opened the door and walked out with his hands clasped together behind him. "What do you mean by Unauthorized download? What did he manage to get? Could it compromise the security of the ship?"

Ackbar bridge

"So would you know anything about a virus that was found on Geonosis?"

Belina sighed. "I would rather forget about that, the reports on what the virus did gave me nightmares for a month. Yes I know about the virus. I made sure to study it in detail."


"Besides I think he wants you out of the way for what he wants to do to the Sith."

Alriana winced as the doctor worked on her wrist. "I would rather be fighting with him but if this is what he wants then I will listen. For no-" She stopped for a moment and then gripped her head in agony.

Tavaryn...I could feel his pain through the force...he's been hurt. she thought as she tried to get back to her feet.

Imperial Space

Ravirn's starfighter dropped out of hyperspace and the chiss sighed in relief when he was the flagship of the Grand Admiral of the Imperial Fleet. He opened up a channel to the Flagship.

"Star Destroyer Death's Head, this is Ravirn. I have the information that the Grand Admiral requested. Requesting permission to come aboard."

"Permission granted. The Grand Admiral is looking forward to your arrival."

Ravirn smiled as he manuvered his ship towards the Death's Head port hanger.


Before Darth Corial could move to access the communications system the emergency communicator he kept in his robes. "This Varith." He said using his old code name. "What information do you have?"

"I have the final code but I believe the jedi are suspicious of me. The final code is Mothma-879. I am prepared to return to my undercover status until your next command."

"Very well. Return to undercover status and let me know if anything else comes up."

Darth Corial turned to his master and bowed his head. "I have the final code master, it is Mothma-879. I also have a man on the inside who is ready to assist us. Someone who hates the jedi almost as much as I do.
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