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Murasaki held Alriana steady sure that the agony was not physical pain. "What do you see?" She asked the question in a firm tone to try and help the injured Jedi focus.


His shoulder throbbed mercilessly for the wound was deep and he couldn't reach the offending piece. I didn't take him long to figure out that Kage had broken the shuriken, leaving the embedded metal stuck in his shoulder.

Kage, annoyed that the shuriken cut him, was also pleased at the reaction he had caused. There was power and he had felt it. Sure he had been blown off his feet but he knew now that this young Avalonian could control an element. He stood up and said, "So you do have power. You just choose to hide it."

Tavaryn glared and replied, "I am responsible with it." A blanket statement but how could anyone understand that his gift, as his mother once put it, had him afraid of its possibilities.

"Sheet anchor statement. You and I both know that burst was a part of the rarest of elements."

Tavaryn swore at Kage in his native tongue as he slowly twisted his staff back together and shoved it into the ground. He pulled out his sword and held it ready to strike. Meanwhile Kage covered the distance rapidly bringing his lightsaber to strike hard.


"What do you mean by Unauthorized download? What did he manage to get? Could it compromise the security of the ship?"

"It is a possibility," Jun-la allowed when the officer came out with his hands behind is back. She was wary of the gesture though her face gave nothing away. "As I said, my pupil is uncovering that truth."


"I would rather forget about that, the reports on what the virus did gave me nightmares for a month. Yes I know about the virus. I made sure to study it in detail."

"Well I found something regarding Echleon 5 and that virus," Andros replied puzzled, "But I think it is like a smokescreen. Wait. What is Mothma-879?"

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