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((Ravirn didn't download the code to the temple. I was going to introduce the spy in the jedi temple later.))


"What do you see?"

Alriana winced. She could still feel the pain from what had happened to Tavaryn and she was worried. "I couldn't see anything but I could sense that Tavaryn was in a great amount of pain. Whatever he is fighting managed to wound him."


"As I said, my pupil is uncovering that truth."

Xeran mentally slapped himself. He did not want to appear threatning to the jedi. He slowly showed his hands to show that he was not armed. "I wouldn't want the Admiral to suspect me of anything nor do I want to end up in the brig. I think it would be in all of our best interests if I spoke to the Admiral."

"Well I found something regarding Echleon 5 and that virus, But I think it is like a smokescreen. Wait. What is Mothma-879?"

Belina looked over his shoulder and took a look at the data. "No idea. I'm more worried that he may have downloaded the new ship designs from the main computer. If the sith or whoever it was managed to get ahold of that we'll be in serious trouble."

Wait just a minute... she thought as she looked over the data. "Look at that. Whoever it was downloaded my biography and my academy records.Why would they want that?"


"Excellent. We now how the means to eliminate both the Republic and the New Empire in one swift stroke. And with the codes you provided, Coruscant will be ours."

Corial looked out of the viewport and then turned to his master. "My information on which Jedi Masters reside at the temple is a bit outdated but If you wish I can provide you with any information you need. And I can have my source in the temple tell me who some of the more dangerous jedi are."
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