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The main thing I appreciated (aside from the much-loved art/atmosphere) was the set-up to the narrative. These guys need money, and the woman from the university has a job for them. It's clear and simple - like the start of Secret of Monkey Island. It really annoys me when adventure games have convoluted and contrived set-ups, where the character has no real reason to be doing what he's doing other than that it makes the game work, or creates puzzles. A puzzle where you have to fix the plane engine makes perfect sense because you need the plane in order to do the job, and thus get paid. That bodes well, in my opinion.

(Although, bread sticks/ladder might suggest some Discworld-esque puzzles to be found at some point in the game. That would frustrate the hell out of me! But I remain optimistic because, to be fair, as soon as I found the bread sticks I realised what the solution was.)

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