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This is an interesting post.

My question is this: Is this necessary or helpful at this point?

For a massive mod that is not concerned at all with compatibility with other people's mods, then perhaps this makes sense. 'Twas the case with TSLRP and finally TSLRCM, but those mods are massive... and I am not even sure in the case of TSLRCM, as it seems to behave well with other mods for the most part...

My reason for asking is this, Nvenom... are you aware that the TSLPatcher does all of this for us while ensuring updating/patching the vanilla game files that are "patchable"?

I ask this because it does not appear in any of your hidden segments, what would occur in the case where a file from your installer is named the same as a file that already exists? The .2da files we edit and include in our mods are changed by almost everyone, thus they must be patched and not over-written, as it seems your little proggy would do.

The other mildly disturbing thing is the trojan-horse icon used by your installer. I personally would not use any installer that had that little horsey on it, and I am savvy enough to know that not all .exe's wearing that emblem are trojans. Nevertheless, it is a negative connotation.

All that said, it is a nice idea, and thank you for your post.

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