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Oh by the way, I forgot to mention something. Many American English spellings are included in the OED. In fact, it prefers the American -ize to the 'proper' -ise.

The '-ize' is actually older, and '-ise' was adopted because the English wanted to be more like the French.

Oh yeah, and 'u' doesn't need to be 'reinstated', since the -or spelling is also older than -our. Again, trying to be more like the French.

Wait, I almost forgot! Aluminum is also older than 'Aluminium'!

Seems to me like America is the last bastion of proper English, while Britain let the language mutate because they wanted to be, of all things, more like the French.

Since we believe in freedom though, you can still speak your bastardized language, though these truths would probably hurt the British linguistic superiority complex.

Note: My own spelling varies between the two, since being born in England with one parent from either country (and 2 other citizenships, though they're tangential to this), raised and educated toddlerhood through high school in America , educated at university in England, and coming back to live in America, really confuses one on what is done how. However, the British should know the truth before they start declaring their English the 'real' type, lest they embarrass themselves. Just as Americans need to figure out that there are more than 2 English accents.

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