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"I think that hes angry. I've had a few discussions with him and I don't like what I've heard from him. I think hes mad that you and I left the village at the end of the Arashi crisis. This is just a theory mind you."

Kaneda stared into his ramen bowl, suddenly losing his appetite. He instead played with the ramen noodles floating in the solution. It was because of some sudden guilt that he had abandoned his team mates.

"I thought he would have been happy for us." Kaneda replied. "I mean, we all have our own lives to lead. He became a jonin, you went with the samurai, I pursued my own goals." Kaneda defended.

"And anyway, what about Asuka?" Kaneda smirked. "Before I left, those guys couldnt keep their hands off each other. I'm sure he would have been a little preoccupied... or did something happen between them?"
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