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IDK, now that you have me doing me doing my homework, I'm leery of OCZ. The consensus seems to be that they are the fastest drive, but also the most unreliable. Obviously, the popular opinion can be wrong.

I get the newegg newsletter so thanks for the heads up on the promo code.

I've read that 34nm is actually preferable because the overall capacity is higher.
My apologies for the dumb question, but you know this stuff much better than I do: higher capacity as in through-put or...?

EDIT: Read the following in the advertisement you linked to:

"Only available while funds last. Promo code valid through 4/17/2011 or sooner based on fund availability.

Decided not to risk it and placed my order for this (the X25 was showing out of stock again). I guess I'll just cross my fingers and hope that the 320 (w/ 25nm architecture) doesn't turn out to be a mistake.

P.S. $214 after shipping. Not the deal that you posted but I feel ok at $1.73/GB.

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