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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
It will work best if you do a fresh installation of Windows on it instead of transferring your OS partition from your platter drive.
This is not what I wanted to hear.

I purchased Win7 through a school program via my alma mater. The digital copy I still have (but apparently can't help because the install disk needs to be an iso) but the $20 "back-up" disk has been lost. Transfer is my only option

Originally Posted by Liverandbacon
Luckily every purchase I've made with Newegg has been shipped inhumanly fast.
Two weeks ago, I had my first negative experience with NewEgg. To their credit, they very quickly responded to my complaint and refunded my shipping costs very promptly. I ordered on a Friday. Part of the order shipped from CA (it was processed on Friday, shipped on Monday, and arrived on Wednesday). The rest shipped from TN. It was acknowledged on Monday, processed on Tuesday (thereby missing their 24-48 hour claim), and scheduled to deliver on Thursday. UPS dropped the ball somewhere and I didn't get it until Friday (a full week after I ordered it).

Grand scheme of things; not that big of a deal. However if you tell me one thing and then do another, that upsets me. Like I said though, they were great about refunding my shipping costs. I'm hopeful that my previous order was a one-off.
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