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Asuka was meditating by a tree with legs crossed. As she meditated, she started to think about Takeda. All that they've been through and all the adventures they had. Deep down, he knew that she still loved her. And that she loved him. He probably didn't want to admit it.

"Why don't you just end your life...?" a demon said to her, that was in a black mist form. "He will never love you like he did before. Why waste your time? Time and life doesn't matter anymore..."

Asuka glared with her eyes closed still. "Go back to the shadows of the abyss, demon. I will hear nothing that you have to say to me. I found my peace. I will find a way to be with Takeda again. Even if he doesn't love me anymore..."

"You poor, misguided child. Takeda has given up on you. Face the facts. You know this to be true. Until we meet again..."

The demon laughed, and faded away. Asuka opened her eyes, sitting still with tears streaming down her blinded, angry eyes. "He still loves me. I know it..."
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