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"Some people have a hard time accepting that." Karela said in agreement. "But sometimes I wonder....what would have happened if we had all stayed together in the hidden leaf?"

Kaneda couldn't help but feel the same; if simply staying in Konoha would make any difference at all.

"If we had not gone our seperate ways, where do you think the Samurai would be had you not stayed with them?" Kaneda added. "Had you and Ryuu sensai not be there, their numbers would have trully shrunk."

"Its part of a growing experience, as well." Ryuu added to the conversation. "Of course you and Kaneda had to depart ways. It gives you a chance to for new challenges and experiences. Dont blame yourself for what others may think. In the end, its what you do that really matters."

"For example; I left the Samurai, because I felt I was not one of them. So I decided to try out something new. And here I am today, eating Ramen with my student and his friends."

Kaneda finished the last of his Ramen bowl.

"I have to go see my family... and prepare for what awaits me." Kaneda said dreadfully. "Most likely the loud bangs of party poppers, streamers and raining confetti all over me."
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