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Honestly, I like keeping the number of movies down where it is. Another would have a very limited chance of being genuinely good, and would create even more canon cluster***** a la Clone Wars. I really can do without seeing thousands of complaints about how some scene in a new movie conflicts with the EU. If there weren't canon problems, meaning a movie following an EU plot line, I think it'd still be better to just leave the various books and games as books and games. An adaptation wouldn't really improve the good ones, and the bad ones shouldn't be repeated.

Also: The original actors have aged significantly.

There's plenty of other sci-fi that can become films, and Star Wars can trundle along just fine with comics, books, and games.

Edit: If this post ends up helping this become another 'am I the only one who thinks Star Wars should die' thread, I will cry manly tears.

Edit #2: As for someone other than Lucas making it, while almost anything would be better, I'm not sure I want the 'dark and gritty reboot' that always seems to result from that sort of thing.

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