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Genoharadan on Peragus?

I've been playing the KotOR series since 2005 and recently got back into them with TSLRCM1.7. On my playthrough of Peragus, I had the thought that the Maintenance Officer was part of the Genoharadan and obviously cut content. First, he was the new guy as stated in one the holograms. He was very eager to join forces with Coorta to collect the bounty on the exile. He knew how to cover their tracks which requires connections in the Star Wars universe and the Genoharadan are well connected. Finally, he was willing to kill everyone in the dormitories and when Coorta escaped, the maintenance officer said it was a miscalculation on his part. This could mean that he meant to trap Coorta in the dormatories as well. This could be a step in covering his tracks. He then said that the gas did not kill all the miners but was sending droids to correct that problem. These droids then killed Coorta and his posse.

If this is true, then he clearly knew HK50 was an assassination droid and possibly made an alliance with it to capture the exile. That would explain his control of the droids when he sent them to kill Coorta. HK50 probably had him killed because it knew that the Genoharadan wanted the exile dead instead of taking the exile the the exchange alive.

What do you guys think? I'm interested to hear what others have to say.

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