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Whats up fellas,, surprised to see so many old names here. Kind of weird actually, like the game contained some kind of subliminal programming so that eventually we each eventually do a google search for "MotS [insert former clan and/or zone username]" or similar. Spooky stuff

Did my time in WoW,,, if you used to play on Spinebreaker as Alliance and have had infernals dropped on you by a max level horde warlock while you were just trying to take care of quests in Goldshire, that may have been me. Havent played WoW since before Cataclysm though, and can't say I have an overwhelming desire to go back.

I do some EVE online though, and even a little bit of tribes 2 with the tribesNext update, there are about 40 servers, about 3 of which have 20 - 40 real people at a time each. Friendly(?) warning though, if I see any of you in either of those games, I will likely shoot you down a few times even if you're on my side.

That said, to the guys talking about firing MotS back up, I think you might be letting your nostalgia get the better of you. If you can even get a game going, you'll probably be giddy (like little girls, you big sissies) for like the first 10 minutes, then it will wear off and you'll be like "ugh, this is ****ty". Which isn't to say that you shouldn't do it, hell, I'm sure Bee is already practicing every day again.

finally, @ Nico, "garsh darn"?

- PunKeD / Telal
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