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"When the time comes for us to fight to take back our home we will let you know. But in the meantime...a few of my men would like to train with you if it is alright with you."

Takeda thought about this for a moment. They probably had some time, seeing that Kaneda would probably want to visit his family. A training session seemed like the perfect thing to do while he waited.

"That is perfectly fine with me Akagi," Takeda said.

"Hey, guys," Asuka said, smiling sheepishly, "How are you guys doing?"

Takeda's body stiffened up at the sound of Asuka's voice. The last time she had spoken to him, she had stated she sent him a he never received. He wanted to believe her, and part of him did. It was just he had been under the impression she had abandoned him like the others did. He didn't know what to think anymore.

"For the moment alright," Takeda replied switching to the cold emotionless tone. He mentally scolded himself and let out a sigh. "A few of Akagi's men were going to train with me, you are more than welcome to join us," he added in, his tone much softer than before.
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