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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Second, since you've got 8GB of RAM, you can minimize the page file and make the minimum and maximum sizes the same, so that it takes up a consistent amount of space on the SSD. I do not recommend moving it to the spindle drive like I've read elsewhere, however.
Q, would you make this same recommendation for someone using 4GB? I've never used more than 1.8.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Remember to use no more than 75% of your SSD's capacity so that TRIM will have the necessary free space to do its job.
Should I consider enabling disk quotas or will that 75% come out of that as well?

Also, is there a way to confirm that TRIM is running?

One more: I thought Win7 would disable Defrag if it detected a SSD? Or is the "Never run" what is meant by "disabled"?
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