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Gabez: Thanks! hehe yeah, I'd love to do some recording myself but it always turns out crap. It's clear that it does indeed require some talent. Many things need to be right, not just the voice, but the actual acting and the clarity in voice are all crucial.

Alex IDV: Thank you

StoneFrog: Thanks for the incredibly inspiring comments! I'm glad some of my love for MI2 backdrops is shining through If you do try the prototype, be sure to send me your thoughts and comments! I hope you do.

SyntheticGerbil: Thanks for offering to help! Our current pipeline is all stuffed though, so no need for more people working on the project. I had a look at your portfolio, you've got a lot of cool stuff going! You should offer your services over at the AGS forums, I'm sure they'd love your assistance.

We've just updated the devblog with a new voice sample, this time of the Dockmaster (Voiced by Scott Stoked). Check it below:

If you've got any thoughts about the voice cast so far, I'd love to hear 'em! Voicing has been moving along nicely. Most of the smaller roles are in place already, and the bigger roles are well under way. Yay for progress!

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