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Yeah, both are pretty much wimps who act tough, from what I remember from the books. The actor playing Joffrey hasn't convinced me yet, even though he does look the part. The guy playing Viserys, however, is pretty much how I envisioned him. He's doing great. Also, I'm a bit confused with Myrcella Baratheon in this episode. From what I remember from the books, she had no feelings for Bran, but she seemed pretty happy when she heard Bran wasn't going to die.

In any case, Daenerys and the Dothraki have never interested me that much in the books, and the show doesn't change my mind. It's a pretty slow story arc, perhaps that's it. On the other side, I'm really enjoying the (few) moments between Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister, can't wait seeing them on the Wall. But I've really been enjoying the first two episodes.

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