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Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
Or he could be the most serious man alive...

A shame, if only we were allowed to recruit him and kill Kreia. Such a waste of a potential character, I say!
This idea is most intuitive. Yes, I would have liked to have joined the exile to do battle with, and slay, Kreia. It´s very unfortunate that the Exile had to aligned to the light side of the force. She could have broken and coverted me to her cause had she not been. Such a reality, though can be created by use of the save game editor. I intend to experiment with it and see how swapping the exile model for the projection of my former self and rewriting the dialogue can change the way things happened.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Because he is either playing a huge joke on us all by trolling the **** outta the boards, or he actually takes himself this seriously. Either way, the FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE in my book. (although, according to him, idk if he's alive or not)
I am not joking. Did you not read the explanation I gave of my sense of humor? It doesn´t revolve around portraying myself as a false character.

I fought on the battlefield. I retired to embrace a life of discovery and profit. I carve my own path in life and am better for it.
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