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"Would you prefer unarmed combat, or with weapons for this sparring match?"

"I would prefer that we use swords and only swords. And if you will allow it I would prefer that you do not use any jutsu. I wish to see how good you are with a sword and nothing else."

Shijra walked forward and pulled a large sword off his back and held it in front of him.

"We may proceed when you are ready."

"Good to see you again."

Akagi smiled as Asuka hugged him and he patted her on the back. "It is good to see you as well Asuka." He said as he looked over the samurai who were watching Takeda. "If you wish to spar with someone feel free to ask."

Karela jumped from branch to branch as she headed for the hokage's building. She quickly and quetly landed on one of the tree branches outside the building. She could see the Hokage was working on a list, most likely a list of the ninja who would be sent on the mission.

Karela quietly snuck in the open window as quietly as she could and looked over the list before tapping the Hokage on his shoulder.

"So hokage...I see that you made up a list for the mission. Any idea as to when we're going to be heading back to Akagi's village?"
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