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Originally Posted by Dominus_Scotus View Post
ya you're probably right... i havent played that level in forever... i always had a problem on the very last level after you go into the room with the three mirrors and see desanns reflection... then you go left and put out the fire by breaking the pipe. then you go down and fall through the floor. after that, theres supposed to be a false "no clipping" wall that takes you to the hallway. but when i played, the wall WAS clipped and i couldnt get through. dumb right? anyway, this probably belongs in a seperate thread. my bad. hmm... i havent played Jedi Outcast SinglePlayer in a while, since i beat the game i just go back occasionally and play my favorite maps... but mostly i play MultiPlayer these days... maybe i should go ack and try it out again...
Wow that's odd every time i played the last level i had no problem with the mirror room, I did exactly the same thing you just posted after breaking the pipe, Then the next room force push the wall to open the secret switch to the room with the moving walls!!

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