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Originally Posted by MuseMatt View Post
I've noticed not all audio tracks are working fine and sometimes conversations are skipping. Is this a known issue? Saw something mentioned about downloading enhanced movie/music files on that site, would that help? It doesn't affect my gameplay so I'm not too worried about this though.
Depends on if you are patched/not patched. T3-M4's dialog is known to be buggy and skippy, although there have been at least 2 mods that address that issue. I have noticed more skippiness when my PC has been in need of a new part - when my GPU started to glitch out a while back, the game began behave much more poorly in dialog and all other cases than is even normal, and I thought it was a mod related issue. She is a sensitive old thing...

Who has the most buggy dialog? My guess would be T3 or the Handmaiden.
Originally Posted by alx.dobos
I am not sure if we can help you there. I appreciate your honesty though. I suspect the main problem is with not being to update your game due to your .exe.

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